How To Get People To Read Your Blog and Social Media Updates

No one reads anymore.

Start with that premise and you start to make better decisions about your content marketing strategy. I’m not saying you don’t have to know how to write anymore, you definitely do, just in a different way. Not like a traditional writer, more like a long-form copywriter. Your writing has to be brief, compelling and engaging (copy, right?).

Sometimes I think, can a one paragraph blog post really tell the whole story? Maybe not, but does it matter, if anything longer no one’s reading – whole story or not?  I don’t care if you’re Shakespeare, if no one’s reading, no one’s reading.  So it’s up to you to package your story in a way that will actually reach the reader. Only then will you have the chance of having any real influence.

Just remember, writing is just like any other area of digital life: information is speeding by in such an abundance and so fast you have to package your content in a way that:

  1. isn’t going to make the user work
  2. is so instantly appealing that the user is dying to share it with their entire network

Organizing your information with headers, bullets and lists will also help the reader understand your information more easily, thus reducing information overload anxiety. A bulleted list turns down the information volume and gives the user a break.

Support your brief copy with compelling imagery and what you get is magic. Especially in social media. And if the image is cool enough you can basically assume no one is reading your copy anyway, but instead tripping over themselves to share your image (you) with their entire network.

When your user is excited about your content, they care less about your message and more about sharing the image and thus becoming cool by association. In this case, one sentence will due, with the more important words capitalized, since you may get LUCKY and a word or two might slip in during the act of SHARING.

I’m sure traditional long form writers are horrified by this development, since purists rarely see the benefit of fundamental changes to their industry. They’ll look back nostalgically on the ‘lost art’ of writing. But I think long-form copywriting is just as nobel as normal writing – maybe more so. By writing in a way that is highly accessible to the reader (user) you have more of a chance of influencing large groups of people, in a positive way, and not just bookish types who love pouring over thousand word essays.

Luckily, the world is becoming more economical. This philosophy is coming through in many ways, not just the materials we reuse or the resources we save, but also in the digital content we create and consume ❥

What’s The Best Shopping Platform Available Today?

So I’m hosting my new fashion e-tail store, LoveTheCool 12 on, a shopping platform out of Sweden that does UX so well I might name my first kid after the founder, Carl (“hi, meet my daughter, Carl”).

It’s free. Really free.
Beautiful. Really beautiful.
So easy to set up. So easy.

Carl and friends, these heroes of the e-tail shopping platform space, have created a product that reduces the friction of setting up a beautiful, effective store so much I imagine other shopping platforms, like Shopify are doing some serious soul-searching right about now. When teams like Tictail come along and disrupt the user flow process, everyone begins to realize all the other guys have totally not been showing up for work – at least not full-time.  A treacherous thing in the hot today, not tomorrow digital world. I imagine they’re all scrambling to catch up now, which is great for us, the user. Thank you Tictail.

You can watch Tictail produced Vimeo’s here, walking you through the process as well as featuring some cool case studies. But getting started is as simple as this:

And they handhold you like you’re a 6 year old.  Soooo easy:Tictail process 2

And my favorite – they’ll write the shipping and terms + conditions for you, if you want. And who doesn’t want?
Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.43.26 AM

Result: A beautiful, easy to use store (mine!) in minutes:
LoveTheCool 12

I’m still not sure what their money making strategy is, except you can buy monthly subscriptions to extremely  useful apps, like:

  • Ability to offer discounts: $6.50 per month
  • Password protection: $6.50 per month
  • Custom domain: $1.50 per month
  • Recover abandon carts: $15.00 per month

And they are so reasonably priced. None of these are going to break the bank, or make anyone rich, so there must be some larger strategy I’m not aware of. Since they’re in beta, and they do everything else in such a thoughtful way, I’m sure they’re planning something great.

So, I recommend anyone who’s ever wanted to sell anything online try Tictail. You’ll be able to forget the technical hinderances of starting an online store and focus solely on your products and marketing!

If you have a store idea, let’s talk about it in the comments section below!